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Strelka Institute, “What Moscow wants”

The Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design is delighted to invite you to take part in Russia’s biggest ever crowdsourcing project — “What Moscow wants”!

Moscow has been changing rapidly over the past three years and is poised to become a contemporary megapolis. Here is a chance for designers and architects from all over the world to make a difference in this global development and realise their vision for the future Moscow landscape.

A city is its citizens, but even if you don’t know Moscow at all you still can take part in its changeover. Any Moscovite knows their neighbourhood intimately and will happily tell you via moscowidea.ru what works and what doesn’t. “What Moscow wants” connects this local knowledge with the skill and imagination of designers and architects to bring real projects to life.

Inspired by the Institute for Urban Design’s New York initiative “By the City/For the City“, the Strelka Institute (http://www.strelkainstitute.com/) has launched an experimental crowdsourcing platform “What Moscow wants” (www.moscowidea.ru) with the support of Moscow Urban Forum (http://mosurbanforum.ru/)  to help refresh the city landscape and form a community of architects and designers working with input from the general public.

Since the 10th of July, citizens have uploaded more than 1,700 ideas – demanding change to the monolithic soviet blocks of flats, improvements for public parks, proposing new museums in abandoned and historical buildings, public gadgets and apps, urging the revision of industrial districts and making many more inspirational suggestions. Now it’s time for designers, architects, landscape planners and artists to decide which of these ideas and dreams might be transformed through design, to create sketches and concepts based on these ideas to then upload them onto www.moscowidea.ru.

Urban experts from around the world will then have the chance to appraise all suggested projects and vote for the best. All uploaded projects will be presented this December at the Moscow Urban Forum — one of the biggest international events for discussions between acknowledged world experts in city planning and urban development and the Russian government. Furthermore, all designs will be published in the “What Moscow wants” Atlas of Ideas with acknowledgments and profiles of their creators.

 How to participate?

•   Please note that the website is in Russian.  However, we have translated the more interesting ideas into English, so that you can familiarise yourself with “What Moscow wants” content and be able to choоse from the list below. You could also write us an email mentioning the topic of your interest, and we will translate more for you.hello@moscowidea.ru

•   Your concept should include the name of your project, a description (no more than 1000 characters) and 1-5 pictures (size 6622×9362 pixels and А0, 200 dpi extension), author’s or bureau name and/or links to your website or blog, with your contact details.

•   Send it to hello@moscowidea.ru and we will upload it straight to www.moscowidea.ru.

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